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Vince Kelly
Cole Harrison
Vince Kelly
not bad, just found out i was exempt from ALL my semester exams cuz i havent missed a day of school and i have A\'s in all my clizzass\' haha. What about you?
Vince Kelly
not bad... how about you?
Vince Kelly
hey, i saw you were on so i thought i'd say hi. My name is vince if i havent told you. whats up?
Vince Kelly
haha coolio!
Cole Harrison
hey vince how have you been :?: :!: :?:
Alexandria Rickett
Yea it was pretty oww[kool]!!!
Vince Kelly
not bad, not bad at all. I had an awesome Halloween and i hope you did too! nice nick name! :wink:
Alexandria Rickett
That is super!! Well yea I had a good halloween it was kinda mello me and my naughbor scared some little kids it was kinda funny lol ttyl
Vince Kelly
lol cool haha poof. ne ways whats been going on l8ly. heard any new bands or songs you like?
Vince Kelly
not much... just getting used to this whole thing... i like the pic. did you get a new like scene haircut? looks like it
Alexandria Rickett
Hey what is up???? How are things going????
Alexandria Rickett
Hey Thanks I like my hair tooo!!! LOL so yea I need too cut it again my poof is getting long!
Vince Kelly
hey whats up... i saw you were online. My names Vince. how're you?

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