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David Bretland
Julie my bff and I
David Bretland
Joane and I
David Bretland
Ha Kelsey's glasses
David Bretland
Jack the Pumpkin King
David Bretland
I Killed The Prom Queen
David Bretland
Me with the new hair cut
David Bretland
my youth group
David Bretland
JET Turley
Hey! Member when we first met on here?? :)It seems like so long ago! I really miss the old day! I miss hearing from you and you being happy! I feel so bad I can fix everything for you! But I really wanna try! I wish there was a way to make you smile again! SO this is my attempt! I love you sunshine
JET Turley
Hey sweetie! I miss the heck outta you! you need to call me soon b4 I go kr@zii!! How are you doing?...
Alyssa Rose
hey how have you been?
Ally Buffington
hey nm u haha
David Bretland
Hey whats up?
Alyssa not telling
*Says in bristish accent* Im fantastic ol\' chap thanks for askin!
Alyssa not telling
lol! very swell indeed.

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