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Brai Fortson
Josh Stuart
I know you hate me now but I just wanted to tell you im really sorry.
Josh Stuart
Blitz was FRIGGEN AWESOME!!!!! Funny service and wierd games... but still FRIGGEN AWESOME!!!!!
Brai Fortson
Miley..... hes not hot..... HES FRIGGEN GEORGOUS! :D
miley soot
be quite please i said guitar hero freak was hot u don\'t have to make a comment u know u need to learn to keep your mouth sut
Brai Fortson
Yeahh.. I hope you feel better and I luv you too!!! XD
Josh Stuart
Had fun seeing you at the pool today. (: Only bad thing was got insanely sun burt. owwwwww. See you tomorrow and love you. :P
Brai Fortson
Josh Stuart
Ughhh i wish i was with you right now... I\'m cold and bored. Maybe you can come to the pool with us tomorrow or something. :D
Josh Stuart
Cooper is like ahh she\'s too beautiful!! in that picture. :D
Brai Fortson
Aww fankss. I luv you too!!
Brai Fortson
Uhh isn\'t replay Sean Kingston\'s song?
Josh Stuart
:D I\'ll see you tomorrow at church. I love you too! :P
Josh Stuart
Thannkkss Brai Brai :D I love you too!!
Brai Fortson
Happy birthday Joshy!!!! :D :D :D i luv you!!

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