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Brenda Song
Brenda Song
yes i am a girl
Brenda Song
yes lol
Allyson Beatty
ok but you r a girl right
Brenda Song
no i am not the real brenda i just like her
Allyson Beatty
IS U Da real brenda? tell the truth
Brenda Song
first of all i am not trying to be brenda song ok
Brenda Song
No i am not trying to get alot of friends i just like brenda song if thats ok with u
tamara brown
me to... so if she likes her then she likes her so wat..... ur kool
Alexa Fabiani
[b] Hey guys. this is not really Brenda Song! Its just her username so stop saying mean things to her she\'s not trying to be Brenda Song. U guys r really mean. Who cares if she has a username of a movie star!?!? U dont have to be rude! So shut up!

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