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Bryon Macintyre
Me at camp
Bryon Macintyre
my sister
Bryon Macintyre
Bryon Macintyre
no, not another cousin, this ones a neighbor
Bryon Macintyre
my brother a couple years ago
Bryon Macintyre
another cousin!
Bryon Macintyre
Abbie Coleman
yah know what.... that is so not nice, and I seem to remember that i fell because you tripped me.
Bryon Macintyre
my beauty of a girl abbie! nice picture babe :) i seem to remember when that was taken and what happened when you tried to land... lol :)
Abbie Coleman
Hi baby!!!! ur so cute, bryon, i love you!
elizabeth higley
hey, do i no u? anyway. wats up. cya :D :wink:
Bryon Macintyre
hey...u still sad? cuz i hope your not... i know zack can be a jerk sometimes, but you have to get used to it... he doesnt hate u, he still likes u, i think its mostly the stress and his fam prblems getting to him..so dont be too worried k? he\'ll making out with u by tuesday ;) Bryon
Bryon Macintyre
do you ever wonder why everythign seems to go wrong, right when you think it cant get any better? and im sorry ok, its not your fault im paraniod, and i know i shouldnt be...but its scary. you know? Bryon
Shelby Simoneau
hey i like your porfile! :D
Bryon Macintyre
hey babe, hows life? im pretty bored, nm excitin ghappened last night except i spent the night puking...but that wasnt all that much fun. so...idk what else to say so bye!

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