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MyPraize Band
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MyPraize Band
MyPraize Band
MyPraize Band
MyPraize Band
Christie, you have an obviously God given talent and an equally obvious passion for our Lord and the gospel. I praise Him for people like you, who surrender themselves to Him because, when you do, others can see Him in you! God bless you, your family, and your ministry!!!
MyPraize Band
your good but how do you record songs we completly do not know how to do it we are so stressed bc we dont know how,add us and Leave comments! we really need to know how, thanks, Sassy Sisters!
cheyenne peters
hi im new andi like your music....add me!!!!! :D :) :shock: :lol: 8) :wink:
cheyenne peters
hi im new andi like your music....add me!!!!! :D :) :shock: :lol: 8) :wink:
MyPraize Band
Thank you for your support!! Keep lookin\' up and praisin Him!! God Bless You!!! :D
Kye Dittman
hey just to let u know i like ur music it\'s pretty kool :D 8) ohhhh and i\'m BigBill\'s grandson if ur wondering where i came from :D
MyPraize Band
Thank you to everyone who has left me such great comments!! I do have a CD, it has 6 songs and it is $7.99....Please contact me and would be glad to send you one!!! :D
MyPraize Band
Just dropping by to say hi! God Bless You!
tiffany aeschliman
ur good i like that song. u like need 2 make a cd or somfin. :D
kendall claxton
omg.. u are so good you need to get a record deal!!! i would love for you to make a cd.. i would definately buy one... lol xoxo kendall(good luck*) :wink:
crystal moore
I think you have a really nice voice.It\'s really strong :D :D

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