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Bradley baker
Sarah Burroughs
sweet.....they still go out?
Sarah Burroughs
i keep getting sick!!! ahhh but ya she is a chick that has beeen coming to our church lately....and does he like her? she goes out with author....lol well the last time i heard
Sarah Burroughs
not good, not good at all...ugh and yea i do go to church on wed...why do you ask?
Sarah Burroughs
man i forgot that you dont have school lol oops....well your so lucky not having to go back, and thank you, i hate school....and i will tell him.
Sarah Burroughs
sweet, where are you trying to find a job at? ugh just trying to keep up with school and band! ahhhh i wish we had another few months of summer.
Sarah Burroughs
wow ya its been a while well...im ok just busy and it gets tiring! ugh so what have you been up too?
Bradley baker
Hey cuz wats been up i had a great time last weekend well we need to do that again and im really mad bc my dad lost his job after 15 years working with them
Ray Baker
Ray Baker
Bradley baker
hey how r u doing
Bradley baker
hey am the first person to commemt on your page swaat
Bradley baker
!6 signs you like someone
Bradley baker
hey i love ur website its better than myspace and who sings that song b/c it is so funny

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