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cole sprouse
Joshua Grizzle
Are u for real cause if you are add me
christina lynch
idk but i think your a pozer sorry if your not but sorry
Raevyn Houston
Hi cole, don\'t mind thoze pplz that call u pozers they can\'t tell u who u r.I believe u. U kno how old u r. I mean come on!? Give the guy a freakin break I believe u !
desiree mckendree
hey wats up can u add me plz
lydia lechner
ur a poser and lilly pearl unless u have seen him how would u know if he is the real cole oh and who r u to tell us thank u and hope u guys have fun on mypraize and if you want to leave me a message come see my page :D
Brooke Hafley
Yall, it could have been a slip of the finger on the mouse.... give him a break, i belive him, everyone\'s intitled 2 their own oppinion, but if it\'s not nice, keep it in. besides, who are you to tell him who he is and who he ain\'t?
Julie Rabe
COLE IS 15!!!!!!! U POZER!!!!!
audrey wolfe
sorry but u r a poser i know the real dylan and cole
Emily Zielinski
add mi plz :D
ashley yebba
poser! Cole is 15, that pic you could get off the internet and i have meet the REAL DEAL and they have NEVER heard of mypraize AND they rn\'t christians!
Matthew sluder
your a poser cole sprouse is 15 not 14
Rebekah Menendez
hey love ur show its awsome write back if u can! :D
Taylor Draper
is this really you i no it isn\'t lol
Sammie antha)) Dougherty!
pleze be my buddie i love ur show and i am watching it rite now anyway pleze be my buddie and does dylan have a mypraize if so wut is it

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