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hi hii
Madi Moore
Change ur pic.... I look horrible!!
Madi Moore
hi kayla, how are you...call me l8tr...
hi hii
whats up cous. see yous soon i love you madi bye-bye
hi hii
hey aunt crystal!!!! i love you and miss you guys cause now that we are 2 hours away
hi hii
you do not live in pennsylvania you lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi hii
hey b.b. what up? i just got done looking at pic\'s of you know who.call me you do to like haley i sooooo can tell and you said you dont i am sooooo smart!
hi hii
what up with your pic cous i love the song awsome!! gooooo arazona cadinals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you see you sunday for dinner and probabley at the office callme i want to tell you something alright see you at school on tuesday. i love you, bye-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi hii
hi hii
i hate school and i feel sick so i\'ll come to school if my mom says i am not to sick and then maybe you will get sick and you will not have to go to school see you at school mabey bye-bye!!
hi hii
happy 4th of july!
hi hii
hi madi, what are you doing i can\'t wait to soon i love so much tell you\'r mom, dad, and you\'r brother that i love them too bye-bye!!!!!
hi hii
hi aunt crystal we saw wall-e and kung fu panda too it was so funny today i might go to the pool and a craht store and also go to butterfly land it is a place where you go in a big box and buttrerfly\'s land on you i love you bye-bye, kayla
hi hii
hi dawson what are you doing today? well i got to go bye-bye you\'r cosin kayla
hi hii
hi cousin what are you\'ll doing today i\'ll miss you when i leave in the morning!!

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