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Hope Campbell
i'm so lonely i could die but no
Hope Campbell
me and my bff meghan
Hope Campbell
meee of course
Hope Campbell
no he didn't
Hope Campbell
me and my bffffffff continue + me
Hope Campbell
touch your nose
Hope Campbell
Hope Campbell
Alexis Gram
HI HOPE!!!! what\'s up girl? i haven\'t seen you in like 4ever! you should come to youth some time so i can see you! wow that sounded creepy! sorry! lol
Alexis Gram
HHHHHOOOOOPPPPPEEEE!!!!!! HI wuz up? wasn\'t the back 2 school bash kinda gross?! EWWW!!! i can still feel the nastiness between my toes!! UGH!!!
Kristina Kellogg
sry no
julie ballew
join my friends drew5496 club animal loVERS he said he knows u
Karah Power
ill see u at hollowrock!!!!
Hope Campbell
i forget who it was and yes i havent seen u in forever and i miss u 2
Karah Power
hey, im in your top 8, thats awesomness!!! i havent seen u in forever and i miss u!!!!!!! so who is this person that alexis asked if u like him like him?????? :) ;)

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