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amanda duerst
kelli skipper
i herd his x girl friend got ran over in the water by a jet ski hahaha hey my friend no\'s his friend god his x is mean she ran over my friends foot with her will chair hahaha :) by girl
Mary Gerlits
i love justin bieber as well. does anster know justin
miley soot
i like the songs one time and love me
amanda duerst
that ia so cool
amanda duerst
i can not take jb i love him i wanted to be hi gf but i want to tell u something y i was not there i thoght that u gues would lagh at me but i can not make maby but can u talk jb to being my bf
amanda duerst
i can njavascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')ot make so crosjavascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')s me javascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')javascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')offjjavascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')avascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')
miley soot
i love Justin bieber
amanda duerst
dam gril u r goodjavascript:emoticon(\'8)\')
amanda duerst
i am not his gf javascript:emoticon(\':cry:\')
amanda duerst
i am sorry that i said i was his gf
amanda duerst
i njavascript:emoticon(\':)\')o that i am 8 but can u be my bf
Ally Buffington
hey uh y did u say u r justin beibers gf well guess what U R NOT
amanda duerst
yo yuo are so cool
amanda duerst
ok i can not hold it in i am jb gf

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