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Autumn Dowdy
I remember you!! :) but I`m on facebook now here`s my E-mail Destiny24lol7@yahoo.com or you could search my name (Jesus Chick)the profile pic is anime
Meghan Eick
hey destiny its me meghan (maggie13)
Autumn Dowdy
mk, if you know me
Autumn Dowdy
wowza 700 view`z! luv everyone! give u my love xoxox :rolleyes: (bored)
Autumn Dowdy
I`m 15!! Haaaay:!: :)
Autumn Dowdy
Oh, mg tht pic is SoOoOo Kool!
Autumn Dowdy
hi sereaeap
Autumn Dowdy
I`ve got the first comment!!! hehe (Awesome vid by the way)
Autumn Dowdy
Awesome pro RUSH! but I think u should get a background tho
Autumn Dowdy
woa nevermind (the background didn`t pop up on my computer 4 some dumb reason)
Autumn Dowdy
oh, mg this iz so sad some1 write a comment on this poor kidz profile! jk jk :)
Autumn Dowdy
Oh ya tht`z right 500 view`z!!! WOOT!!! lol
Autumn Dowdy
nice pro bro :!: 8)
Autumn Dowdy
heyy pooh wat`z up with u :?: lol 8) :D
Karah Power
i dont know, i think my conputer messed up

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