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Kyle Law
Sorry about the delay in my response here...!! ...but i\'m glad that u feel that u can talk to me when u need someone to talk to... & thanks 4 da compliments u gave me!! ...i like 2 make ppl happy...& i\'m glad that i can do that 4 u!! :) :)
maranda mountz
hey im glad i can talk to u when i need someone to talk to.... ur a great person to talk to.... when im down and out u alway cheer me up and im glad u can do that to a gurl 8)
Kyle Law
Welll... you are very welcome... :) i\'m glad that i can help break up your boredom... and i\'m glad to be of service in any way that i can... i enjoy talking to you as well... :)
maranda mountz
hey ur really nice and fun to talk to when im board in school :)
maranda mountz
all bout me

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