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Leah Hudson
Rachel Lawrence
hey whats going on ? i tried to call you but you were at the american girl.okay well i love you.ttyl -3
Leah Hudson
r u kidin u cant go backout with brandon!!!!!
Leah Hudson
it is realy good here but i liked it in fl betteri miss u alot 2 i wish u could move here insted of tennesse (did i spell that right???)write me back ttyl=)
emily lawrence
hey girl yeah i know we are suppose to move to tennessee when we sell the house.
Rachel Lawrence
hey leah i miss you so much and wish you were here. its so boring with out you. so how is it in texas? ttyl.
Leah Hudson
hey emaly, what u been up 2? i love your back ground!!!!! my background is called capochino it\'s so cute !!!!!!!! write me back!!!!!!!!!
Leah Hudson
hey rachel, iswitched my background when u get on here next look at my profile!!!!!!!! write me back!!!!!
Leah Hudson
hey emaily its leah hat ubeen up2???? i herd that yall were moving 2. i am sorry . i made 2 new friends there names r mado son and mikala. my mom cut me some swoop bangs i can not wait 2 get a pi on here 2 show u and rachel write me back!!!!!!!
Leah Hudson
hey rachel its leah i have made 2 new friends named madison and mikayla . my mom cut me swoop bangs i can not wait 2 get my pic on here so u see them!!!!rite me back

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