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Arturo Silva
Caleb Anderson
you need to come over again sometime so i can kick your butt at ncaa 09
Caleb Anderson
Hey are you and Lauren coming to chattanooga with the youth tonight?
Caleb Anderson
Now that we finished Jhon were suposed to start luke in our Bible study. Just wanted to let to let you know. talk to ya later
Caleb Anderson
wuzzzzz up
Caleb Anderson
mY TEACHERS stated to load us down with homework and ive been in football so i couldnt get on. Im at school right now and I had free time on the computer so I thought id get on.
Caleb Anderson
I am one chapter behind in my reading but thatss ok I will catch up before sunday. what about you
Caleb Anderson
yea a litle
Caleb Anderson
schools pretty good, and i will keep u acountabl if u keep me acountable. talk to ya later
Caleb Anderson
Hey! I cant wait till tomarow when we go on the river I cant spell the name of. Thanks for the Birthday stuff. And yes you can definatly borrow scenic any time you want. see ya tomarow
Lauren Thompson
hey u did!!! good, not i have 3 friends!! yay!
Arturo Silva
wazzzup ...
Arturo Silva
hey miss beautiful...finally got approved...

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