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phil hoptron
luke hobart
i was so stupid at the age 12. i wish i never said any of those things.
luke hobart
2 those who hate drumstickanator he has 4got his pass word 2 mypraize drumstickanator is now mr pepper and 2 prove it ............. idk butt now im mrpepper if u would like 2 say any thing u can write mrpepper. this is mr pepper and i aprovr thi message
Sterling The ninja
LUUUKKEEE!! I our new house sometime.
Sterling The ninja
oops, LUUUKKEEE!!! I new house sometime!
Sterling The ninja
what the!?!?
Sterling The ninja
Its not letting me say something, weirdish, anyway, come see our house sometime!!
Katherine What's her face
Hey Luke how have u been?
Matthew sluder
28th December 2007 11:49:43 28th December 2007 11:47:57 it\'s called the \'mind reader\' its so0o0o0o0o0o freaky. if you send this to ten people and then press shift+F1 your crush\'s name ill pop up in big letters. i swear it works!!!!!!! now think really hard of your crush\'s
Bethany Gose
do you play drums i do :D
phil hoptron
y u shouldt date
phil hoptron
hi hope ur feeln good :D :D :D :D :D :shock: :D
Katherine What's her face
Matthew Logel
luke u there :)
phil hoptron
pray 4 all of uss

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