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Dustin Hutchins
kobe bryant w/ wings
Dustin Hutchins
Laura Gilbert
miss ya wish yhu were still at studebaker i miss you humor,and wish yhu didnt have to leave i luv yhu as a fren hope to see yhu soon!!
Dustin Hutchins
ily as a fren and i probly will nvr get used to cicinatti lol i hope we move somwhere else close to u guys/city kids lol jk
Laura Gilbert
yeah we miss you to lol ily as a fren lol i cant wait to see you agin miss you so much lol hope you learn to like cinncinatii:)
Dustin Hutchins
lol thts good so wats up wit everyone at wats it called lol
Dustin Hutchins
thts awsome i miss you guys tell taylor i miss her toooo plz thanx buddie
Dustin Hutchins
miss u 2 miss all u guys at studebaker !!!!
Laura Gilbert
omg i miss ya so much:( come back to visit plz!!!
Dustin Hutchins
awsome im in 7th agin:( but the good part bout it is tht i grew and now im taller than u finally lol i hated being short and now i fit in all my clothes lol
Dustin Hutchins
ops sry i didnt wish u happy birthday so happy birthday 14 now lol
natalie austin
byeee byeeddie.!!! ill miss you lil buddie.......ily likke a buddie..!!(nothing morre.!!):D
Dustin Hutchins
y did u make a profile ur 2 young katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dustin Hutchins
yes it is true and i hate cincinati:(
Dustin Hutchins
yeah and no prop

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