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Lily grrr
Me wearing contacts
Lily grrr
This is Sai with her amazing sunglasses
Lily grrr
This is Curt another of my besties
Lily grrr
This is Alexander another of my besties
Lily grrr
This is Evan, Avon-lee's Bf
Lily grrr
This is Avon-lee one of my besties
Lily grrr
erin dylan
chelsea stubblefield
please visit listentomylife.weebly.com blogs,and really funny clips that change daily
Jessica Birdsong
pretty hair! reminds me of Elvis\'s ex.. in a good way lol ^.^ ur pretty
Lily grrr
geese...this was a great thanksgiving between us but i don\'t know about u but i think i\'m sick from turkey...blah...
Lily grrr
if u thought Alexander holding down his booze was amazing, i think how much turkey Evan ate was even more amazing...i barely ate as much as he did and i feel sick.
Nina ibiteu
lolz i\'m so sorry u missed having thanksgiving with me, Evan, Alexander, Avon-lee, and Sai. It was so funny, i would tell u the details but it would take forever. rofl.
Evan Skelly
Hey Lily! Wutsup! I think u, me, Avon-lee, Sai,James, and Nina r meeting in James\' basment when I come back from Nevada, so don\'t go to Sai\'s attic cuz we\'re not holding it there anymore. see u soon. -Evan

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