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elley rogers
elley rogers
elley rogers
best friend:)
elley rogers
elley rogers
Kelsie Allen
hey girl i noticed u do gymnastics well i was in it but i quit i did level 5 so write me back....
Dylan pepperd
omg im sooooo sorry my account got hacked pls pls forgive me some one hacked my account
Alyssa not telling
Elley. Its me Alyssa! Dude are you stupid? No but I still love you. So pay attention its me.
McKenzie Lee
Hey whats up i saw u r a gymnast too what level
Alyssa not telling
Hey babe. you so need to delete my old one I look so ugly. This is my new one. I love you. Alyssa
MyPraize Band
Hey thanks for the add, I hope that your holidays were full of blessing. My website is : WWW.ZDTFK.COM Thanks again for the support and God bless.
elley rogers
hay.b my buddy.thxx :D :D :shock:
elley rogers
this profile is very lame of you...ur suck a dork,how come you dont come on here anymore,i feel lonely cause i dont have a myspace...like UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...butthead, butt ur *my* butthead.luv ya thx by 8)
elley rogers
such* :shock:
angellina bobiscute
hi. =]. i hacked ur profile. so i could put me 1st. this is angelina. gtg. love youu.

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