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erin shealy
Sabrina Sybil
hey im the_true_me.but yeah...add me
erin shealy
Haha thanks! It\'s Panic at the Disco, who I absolutely love.
Leigha Stahl
that\'s a very interesting video!!
Leigha Stahl
what\'s up?
Leigha Stahl
i\'m at my cousins again. tomorrow we have a family reunion. i hope it will be fun.
erin shealy
Nothing much, what about you?
erin shealy
I thought it was sweet!
Leigha Stahl
what do you think about the note? that was really wrong erin. grrrr.
Leigha Stahl
that is just too bad he does\'nt. haha! i have his number!! sorry, i just had a crazy moment there.
Leigha Stahl
maybe i will call him, i\'d rather txt but my parents don\'t want me to.i could pay for it though.would i say who it\'s from?i gave him a note on the last day.
erin shealy
You should call him! I texted him, and it took him almost an hour to respond, it was funny :P
erin shealy
Are you serious??? What did the note say???? Oh and don\'t say who it\'s from, just do a prank call if you call him, and then after say it was someone from school, but don\'t say your name.
erin shealy
Sorry, the guy you like doesn\'t have anything :( but I don\'t know who ealse, I think you have everyone else as your friend.
Leigha Stahl
i could\'nt help wondering does the guy i like have a mypraize and who else has a mypraize?

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