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molly mcleod
molly mcleod
molly mcleod
hey i havent talked to you in a long time. whats up :lol: -molly mcleod
Molly Heiden
[i]heyy! nuthing is going on with me besides just school and getting ready for my homecoming dance....what is new with you?????
Sarah Gingerich
so yea i have been in skool ofor a week now and i like it call me crazy if you want............haha im a high skooler!!!!!!!
molly mcleod
molly mcleod
haha. i always prank call people. hah and libbys really bad at not telling who the pranker was.lol. :lol: ♥ molly-m
molly mcleod
lol go0d.lol.you? omg im sooo mad that this summer is like overr.8 days of FREEDOM left. hah but we should just make the most of it
molly mcleod
lets go clubbing HAhahaha! nice prank call molls. lol. i guess you were getting me back for the prank call i sent you. haha. ♥ -molly.m :!:
Molly Heiden
[b]lol! when i got the message i was like \"what the heck!!! who is that!!!\" but i kept bugging libby about it and she finally told me...i think i was getting annoying! lol but good times good times : ) ♥molly h.♥[/b]
Sarah Gingerich
hey yes we do...........how are you
molly mcleod
hey sarah whats up SISTA FRIEND!?? haha we need to stay in touch. whatve you been up to lately? :lol:
molly mcleod
OMG favorite band ever i love your music i love the song regrets and i love like all of you music like im so sick of gay rap songs with no meaning
molly mcleod
please write me back if you can
Sarah Gingerich
silly molly i kno who you are lol./....i LOVE yo ubackgrond!!! its sooo cute!

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