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Ben Fisher
daniel smith
hey ben i love that song by underoath...heck yes! :D
william cichy
i like ur name...lol :lol:
Tyler Barnhart
GOD!!! He\'s ugly LOL :lol:
daniel smith
hey whats up? hey i see your bro on wensdays alot. (my hair looks realy short in that picure of me and my sister 8) well me and josh are going to a new co-op and jess is in collage. :D :!:
Ben Fisher
Kelsey Joy
hey!! i didnt know u had a mypraize!!
stacy doyle
haha yeah. i remember you to, but thats kinda already out there lol. did you guys have fun at camp? haha even tho that was like a month ago, oh well.
Ben Fisher
aay! i remember you! hehe.
daniel smith
happy july 4th 8)
daniel smith
so have you m oved yet? :shock:
Ben Fisher
interedting picture. korny, but interesting.
Kristen Thigpen
Hey. Whatcha been up to?? Hey, do you have a band at your church? I know you said you play in one, but do you have a youth band??
Kristen Thigpen
wait a second... Isn\'t aloha hawaiian??? :roll:
Ben Fisher
aloha :D

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