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kathryn mcdonald
gabby davis
WOO! one more hour! and you better hurry causse those geese that attacked me you and carly that one time.. yea there in my yard so im kind of terrified!so i think it would be a good idea iff you came soon.. oh and i saw boys walking around the neighborhood yesturedfay (:
gabby davis
kathryn mcdonald
hey kassidy!! i LOVE you too! (:
kathryn mcdonald
60 things a girl wants but wont ask
kathryn mcdonald
28 ways to make a girl happy/smile
kathryn mcdonald
answer these!
gabby davis
HEY its kassidy, i love you!!!
Clay Rigdon
Hey Kathryn! call me I want to talk to you.
gabby davis
so i dont like mikey anymore
gabby davis
kathrynnn.... friday was soo much fun:] im hanging with mikey tomorrowwww:] yea im soo excited..AHH! well i hope you have fun in sea world:] the best thimg to do is aquatica and getting splashed by shamoo.hah. well i love yea babe.. hang out soon (cause who knows if your cuz is moving or not)
gabby davis
itssss tonight!!!! yeaahhhhh[b]
dale krawczyk
sounds cool my summer has been awesome too playing baseball and hanging out with frineds is fun
kathryn mcdonald
ur so freakin young in that pic! u do care about what religion MR!!
kathryn mcdonald
my lifes been great i love this summer so much it is the best ever. u prob. dont want to here the details but its been a great summer and it sint over yet. (:

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