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Grace K
Kayla P
Haha. Thanks. LOL Yeh, I think some of my friends are actually getting a mypraize and I am very happy about that.
Grace K
Hi again.. Im just getting aound to reading my wall. Thanks for writing on there. I am doing good. And I can try to help you get friends on here, but its best to just meet ppl and talk to them. Then you ask if they want to be added. I hope you have luck... :D
Grace K
Hi... I'm talking to you right now. I just wanted to say hi, and that I hope work goes by fast for you. Thanks for talking. :D ~Grace
Grace K
Hey, I herad you're back. Hope you had fun on your trip... The new vedio you have in here is really cute. My mom thinks it is funny. Ttyl.. ~Grace :D
Kayla P
Hey, Thanks for talking. I thought I would just say hi and see how you were doing. Hope to talk to you soon. If possible, do you think you could find me more friends on mypraize? Thanks!
Grace K
Hey there... I'm talking to you right now. :D
Grace K
What is up my homey? Gosh I dont think either one of us can pull that off. I miss you. I hope all is well. Love ya Manda. :wink:
Grace K
Hey, I told you I would write on your wall. So here it is.. Thanks for talking.. I'm sure we will meet again in the chat rooms. :D
Grace K
Hey you are joy to chat with.. I always have fun when you're in the room. Ok, well, I thought I'd tell you that. :D
Grace K
Hi, just thought I'd say that.. I'm Grace, the 20 yr old from the chat rooms. Ok, well might see you later. :D
Grace K
hEY dORK... How are you? aND i dON'T hATE yOU... GoSh!
Grace K
Where have you been? :?: Are you doing ok? I'm gonna call you later today, ok... I miss you guys. Hey, and are you an admin now? What's the password.. I"m 18 and over... Love you Manda :wink:
Brian Thomas
I was in church, just so you know!
Grace K
DORK..... Where are you this lovely morning?? :?: Don't tell me you're sleeping... Gosh.. :roll: Ttyl.. :)

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