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Alana D. Harris
Nia, Rachell, Lexus and I
Alana D. Harris
Me at home
Alana D. Harris
Grandma Bright and I
Alana D. Harris
Alana D. Harris
Here is proof that I play the flute.....
Alana D. Harris
Alana D. Harris
Hey darling, Im not going to be on AIM much anymore, until things cool down. So you can send me messages though here if you wish. I miss you a lot and I hope that you had an okay day yesterday. A lot happenned. People were over at my house till 1230, and I didnt get to sleep until 1 in the morning.
Alana D. Harris
Hey, idk if you are on AIM or not, but I havent been all since you left to go the the mall. Mom wanted me off, so i wont be on till later. I love you! ttyl
Alana D. Harris
Well I am just wonderful darlin... I love you and Ill talk to you soon!!
Alana D. Harris
Hey Hunny, whats up?
Alana D. Harris
Hey sweetie, I apologize for not be on earlier. I am sending Instant Messages like crazy to you. I miss you a lot, and I cant sleep. Phil is still up and I dont want to get in trouble. sigh... I love you and I hope I can talk to you tonight. Mwah!
Abby Lee
cool background
Jeremy Smith
hey, what\'s up could you check out my site i\'m trying to get a lot of views so if you could check it out I would be like this :D :D :D :D
Alana D. Harris
Hello! Nothing much... how bout you? lol
Alana D. Harris

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