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MyPraize Band
Meeting with producer Mark Slaughter
MyPraize Band
Brandon rocking out
MyPraize Band
Brian at "Fearless"
MyPraize Band
Fearless tour show
MyPraize Band
Praying with kids
MyPraize Band
Kendall taylor
Got a new video go check it out :D
Tina Loyd
Love there music :) What ever happen to them?
Kendall taylor
Go on my page i got a new video ;)
Kendall taylor
i read a book forever young:)
n/a n/a
I would like to say thank you for the friend request and I happily excepted it (:
MyPraize Band
Thanks for listening! We have a new album we are working on due out the beginning of next year that will have an edgier sound.
evan maus
hey there im evan i you guys are awesome i like your music im a fan of metal like avenged sevenfold and the devil wears prada but you guys rock
Chelsie Boyd
Welcome to MyPraize!! Keep on doing what you do for Jesus and always remember that everyone can reach someone for Jesus and you are never too old or young to do something for God.
MyPraize Band
We are a Christian rock band from Kokomo, Indiana. We like to make connections with people like yourself that are in the midewest region that might like our music. Feel free to email us any time if you have any prayer requests that you would like us to take before the Lord!

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