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Jessica campbell
Mary Gibson
[i] i don\'t get it....[/i]
Kaitlyn Dudek
that\'s really funny !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Shelby Simoneau
hey, i love ur pic its so cute!
Julie Polsinell
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you do realize I commented you in November and you commented me in February?! xP
Jessica campbell
hey pretty girl. i havent talked to u in sooo long!! im hardly ever on here anymore tho cuz im on myspace all the time. lol. so wut have u been up to?? well..ttyl.
Julie Polsinell
:shock: . Wow. It\'s been forever.... HI!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: Jade
Jeff otto
hey whats up Jess how have u ben I hope all is going well and yeah im just stopping in to say hi and seeing what u have been up to lately hopefully the flooding isn't affecting u and that ur having a good life well ttyl and god bless ur friend Jeff
erin morgan
ur picture makes me smile :D
Elisa Belch
well, being that it is canada, IT'S SNOWING, YEP, i can go make my igloo now hehe
Elisa Belch
Swadeekha, con chun Elisa, swideemykha, yin deetityrookakha, swadeekha
Elisa Belch
Hello my beautiful American :D , i miss you :( :shock: :x :cry: :lol: 8) :wink: :idea: 8) :x :cry: :shock: :cry: got to love those faces hehe
Elisa Belch
ps i love the panda thingy
Jessica campbell
OH..MY...GOSH!!! :shock: ELISA BELCH!! :idea: MY BELOVED CANADIAN!! :D LOL I MISS U!!!!! :cry:
Jessica campbell
hey loser! where r u?? lol o btw..were not spending the night at jasmines tonite...but yia. o nd that new raven episode thing is comeing on tonite. yia ok well..BYE! lol :D

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