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savanah king
hey idk if ur ever on any more but id like to get to talk to u again so next time ur on inbox me? :)
MyPraize Band
Hey Gage, I can\'t get any of your songs to play. They all seem to be stuck at the starting position.
MyPraize Band
i\'m alright now, just recovering from a flu lol. christmas was great! happy new year!
MyPraize Band
that\'s cool, singing is fun enough :) you definitely should get into an instrument when you find the time though. and that\'s cool, so you\'re athletic eh? I like playing basketball for fun, but I\'m definitely no good at it haha
MyPraize Band
yep, a proud American (though I loathe our government at times). Seattle Music Center? Do you mean the Experience Music Project? If so, I\'ve definitely been there. fun stuff. I\'ve been into music since my first guitar at 13. How about you? I forget if you said you played anything?
MyPraize Band
Yeah! Exact same way.. well, I love my family tons too, but it\'s mostly the culture that is keeping me here. People in other states are too rude. California folks drive too reckless, and Seattle has the best music in my opinion. I wouldn\'t mind Vancouver, BC but then to give up being American..
MyPraize Band
since birth. don\'t plan on leaving soon either, unless God says so. Seattle for life :)
MyPraize Band
It\'s about 35 minutes north of Seattle, given there is little traffic that is.
MyPraize Band
Ah, Eastern WA. cool :) I\'m in Lynnwood.
MyPraize Band
Thanks a lot, man. Great stuff yourself, very intriguing beats put to some good Gospel inspired words. Peace be to you, and Merry Christmas!
MyPraize Band
Hey Misha, hows it goin\'? I\'m Gage. Pleased to meet you, and Merry Christmas!
MyPraize Band
That\'s cool. So, I assume you live in Tacoma/Lacey area by the location of your church?? I have grandparents in Buckley myself. Oh hey - Merry Christmas Eve :)
MyPraize Band
hey, that\'s awesome we\'re both from WA. So what church you go to? I\'m @ Calvary Fellowship in Mt. Lake Terrace.

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