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aaron angione
my crazy dog
aaron angione
my brothers car....
aaron angione
Madi Moore
Hey Aaron.... Whats up....
aaron angione
sheesh i never went on in a looooooooooooonng time.........oh well hi.oh and i dont think any one knows you moved
nichole gegelman
hello????!!?!?!?!?!? do the kids at libraty no i moved 2 north carolina
aaron angione
oh ok
nichole gegelman
im not mad at u and my cat is sitting on me and eating at the same time
aaron angione
are u mad at me for not coming to ur birthday party....cuz u havent messaged me or any thing...well imREALLLLLYsrry i couldnt make it
nichole gegelman
lalalalalalalalalalalala im watchin hawk nelson rite now hes awsome
aaron angione
i dont....
aaron angione
no..he looks depressed.well i forget to comeon somtimes
aaron angione
i dont like sydney any more but ilke some one else..its pretty ovious tho but she doesnt know and she likes someone else=[no one knows who ilike but my friend danny tyson.
aaron angione
i wonder if any1 believes my background...
aaron angione
lol i thinke matthew half is sade u left..muahahahaha

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