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Greg McLean
Tearsa Joy
hi im the one you hit on sunday lol :( bye
Tearsa Joy
hi im bethanys little sister tearsa i do not know you but if you would please add me bye :D :D
Bethany Bryan
sup Gregggggggggyyyyy Boi!! Holla back! :D
Ben Fisher
interedting picture. korny, but interesting.
Richard M
boy...shut yo mouth lol
Greg McLean
u need to get the picture that they showed at districts of you at youthcamp :D it was a good pic of you... :?
Bethany Bryan
Howdy :D How is ya :?:
Greg McLean
hey hey hey!!! happy late birthday!! was it fun?
Kayla Griffin
it was funnnnn u shouldaa come! :lol:
Kayla Griffin
gregggggggggggy ! how ya been ?!? :shock:
Tammy Moore
Kool...you\'re #3. How many are there...4?
Greg McLean
hello there.. im at school.. bored bored bored.. none of my teachers are here today.. so i don\'t even know the point in me being here.. but something good did happen today.. i found out im number 3 in my graduating class.. so thats kool. im glad :D
Greg McLean
why hello there... how are you? you going to fine arts?? u should.. :)
Kelsey Filion
hey greg!

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