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Logan Barker
lindsey burns
wow i have not been on here in a long time hah
Logan Barker
i need to update my photo!! its like a year ol\' i gona update it right after chrimis so u can see my pimp jacket it is colorful(:¥
Logan Barker
this pic was tooken wen i waz 12 that was 3 years ago!!!!!omg!?!? Φ¥§
Logan Barker
ur vid is anoyin but funy at da same time!(:¥
hannah thompson
lol i gotta...9 day weekend!
hannah thompson
lol im usually on all day.. if im off.. but ive had this whole week off of skool..
hannah thompson
hey.. nm.. talkin to ppl/.. lol yeah im on here alot! ... hbu?
Logan Barker
yeah same here! i got a 5-day we/end
Logan Barker
uhh? im on once or twice a day:)
Logan Barker
was up! u seem to be on mypraize a lot!!:)
Logan Barker
u should check out this band-Owl City-its the artist of the video on my profile!!
Logan Barker
i use to sk8 not no more tho!B-)
Logan Barker
ive just been hangin roun my house bro!kinda borin:/
Evan is my name Something with an H.
Lol, hey man do you skate??

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