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Nicole Hackett
Gustavo Henrique Torres Jitsuchaku
brazil is amazing.. and Hello in Portuguese is Olá... i don\'t speak spanish very well.. i wrote and speak english better than one
Johnny Shoemaker
hey aint talked 2 u n a while thought i would say hi! :D
Nicole Hackett
hola mikey the farmer
michael martin
hey happy feet :lol:
stephanie thompson
hey gurl love ur pic were did u take it :D :D :) :)
briana ******
hey i just wanna wish u a merry christmas :!: :!: :!: :!: remember Jesus is thte reason for the season :!: :!: :!: ~~briana~~
sam stutt
yep it 75F right now i can swim sometimes if it hot anofe it never snows here but it always hot most the time :D
Nicole Hackett
you can get sunburned in S. carolina in the Winter???!
sam stutt
well were i live u can get sunburn during winter :D
Cortney You don't needs ta know :)
I like your backround 8)
Nicole Hackett
yea it\'s great..who are they? :D
Nicole Hackett
i do...i guess i didn\'t think it looked like them
Hannah M.
they are ashley tisdale and miley cyrus aka hannah montana. You don\'t know them?
Nicole Hackett
heyyy...what\'s up?

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