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taylor simpson
taylor simpson
adoni bultron
you are hot
keisha street
im keisha luv evr thing on ur pg :D :D
ben burich
where do u live in ohio
kennedy timothy
whoa like a total hottie alert lol well ill let you work the camera add me
morgan martin
omg you are soooooooooooooooo pretty wats up what you dewin well um um i guess talk to soon bye this is bubblegurl88 see ya laater bye .p.s. you ever on it looks like da no or maybe just your friends are never on well bye this time for real about it
Andrea Long
hey u dont no me but your pretty :D
matt hadel
whats up
David Maya
HEY how hav u been? long time no talk
the g@ng$t@ 4rm L.A. ()
hi watsup :!:
Ally Sollars
Hello, I\'m Ally. You are very pretty??? Any interest in Modeling??? I can find someone, a company, who would probably be interested!!!
Miles Cornell
hey wuts up can i have ur number 8) :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: 8) 8) 8) 8) :!: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :!: :?: :!: :!: :?: :[ :?: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :( :( :( :( pleeze :( jk
taylor simpson
call meee when u get this!!
taylor simpson
hey brittanyyy pooo.haha.that thing that says taylor n britt friends 4 ever is cool.but yaa my throat hurts badd.n this saturday im going to the mall i would tell u to go soo we can spend like $1,000 at hco like we normally do but im going in the morning then i have a party.but yaa well call me tomarrow.okayyy byee luvv uu

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