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Tracey Perry
Love,because it is the only true adventure
Tracey Perry
Tracey Perry
Bret Shroats
FYI I should be getting a new sn soon named FFEKUman4life
Tracey Perry
hey hey britt i love u!!! lol uhh so ya call me sometime ok well ttyl byeeee
Brittany lampo
I love you too so ya i\'ll call you sometime sry i haven\'t called lately i am starting ballet soon so it has been a little hectic but ya I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
danny vita
heyy how old r u???????????????????????????????????
Tracey Perry
13 ill be 14 in january
Tracey Perry
ya dude ill just msg u my numbr but i will call u too lol and besides i got a new phone so lol ya well ttyl bye
Tracey Perry
hey whats up? how have u been?
Tracey Perry
ya mine was good too man o man we need to hang sometime like how about the next time ur with ur mom or something lol ya well call me ok bye
Brittany lampo
nm just borring stuff.... still single but ummm how was thanksgiving 4 u? mine was great so ya write back soon kk love yas byeeee! Brittany
Brittany lampo
ya i was just at my moms the other day for like 6 days i wish i would of called u ... :-( ne ways call me cause my cell and my purse got stolen and i don\'t have ur number ne more so ya love yas byeee Brittany ♥
Tracey Perry
hey babe lol i know we havent talked in a while lol so whats new
Codie Folsom
t-race! whats up how do u get back grounds? yeah soo umm are u on chat i miss talking to u lol :cry:

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