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Alex Harris
hotties on ice = still burnin
Alex Harris
Cuties fight! can u say hott!
Alex Harris
Alex Harris
Yo next contestant u rock! U need to be hired more often! especially after my birthday party last year! ROCK ON!! 8)
Alex Harris
i miss u guys already!! and it hasn't even been 15 minutes!!! :x
Alex Harris
Sydney rockz!!! woo hoo!!! :shock:
amber west
Your a marine core wife? lol :?: :D
amber west
Hey,,,,I'm here talking to you for the Gym Fan (at school) a.k.a. your b/f!!!!! He says that he wuvs you quite a bit and thinks that your nice cream! (just like ice cream) have a nice day! p.s. that'll be $55!!!!! Thankx. :roll:
Alex Harris
Hola amego!!! sup home dawg?? PEACE OUT SISTER!!! WELL BYE!!! :lol:
Alex Harris
remember??? um let's see.............oh yeah!!! and I quote "ICE CREAM IS NICE CREAM!!!" -Amber West 10/1/06 :lol:
Alex Harris
KISS A CAT!!! :x (AND UR ALERGIC) :wink:
amber west
WAZ UP??? Apeace out, yo fuzzzzzzzz-butt whats cracklating??!! -amber(fuzzy) :roll:
amber west
write, write, write, write, im riting on YOUR wall! :shock:
amber west
shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! this is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE secrect!!!!!!! hi :!:
Alex Harris
Woo hoo!! u rox my soxs amber!!! :lol:

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