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hope hosford
hey faithy wats up
hope hosford
hey this is hope
hope hosford
hope hosford
whats the poblem then huh because i don\'t like this
hope hosford
quit writing to people on my mypraize because i hate that dude he is hidous
hope hosford
k i miss you to
hope hosford
fine i\'ll chill
hope hosford
oh hopes just jealous ya wrrite i am not jealous ok gosh u always think i am im not u can have him all you want
hope hosford
i now it was you that has been changing my backgrounds because you wrote sean a message on my mypraize and you need to quit because your just jealous because i have the same esac same.
hope hosford
u need to quit getting on and riting to my friends oh ya sean hot not i read every thing even on my messages quit k
hope hosford
oh nice name so u now jennybug she\'s my cousin her real name is jennifer.
hope hosford
what is your name

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