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Jean-Claude Siku
Jean-Claude Siku
5,000 teens on fiya for God
Jean-Claude Siku
dc talk
Jean-Claude Siku
shelby agerton
hey man i saw your pics and one of them is the basement man my mom and sister are apart of the basment.my sis is in the ministry. :!: :!: this summer is going to be fire. i hope you come
shelby curlee
Have Over 86 Friends But Da Best 1 Is Totally U!!! Pass This On 2 At least 5 Close Friends! If You Get 1~OK friend 2~Nice Friend 3~Kind friend 4~AWESUM Friend 5~Best friend Very Happy
brady davidson
wats up jean claued its nick the 1 hoo went 2 church with u 4 ever but now i left brett said wats up 2
Lauren Helms
hey jc
shelby curlee
hola! what it is up?
shelby curlee
hola! what it is up?
Victory Cobb
hi dude what up?
jc siku
Welcome to the next Level 8)
Jean-Claude Siku
y am i not on ur top 8 weep i knew u since k4 :cry:
Jean-Claude Siku
i found 2 songs the basement does jesus is my rockstar and the dance on go on my page :wink: 8)
Jean-Claude Siku
go to my page it a dpb somg jesus is my rockstar

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