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David Zorkocy
Me and Ellie... again!
David Zorkocy
Me N Ellie!
David Zorkocy
A different shade of David
David Zorkocy
Yea Datz Right I'mza Gangsta in a Half Remodeled B
David Zorkocy
David Zorkocy
The new me!
David Zorkocy
Paul Bryant
im aight... just been workin and playin around trying to stay out of truble... how about you?
David Zorkocy
hey bud what\'s up? how you been?
David Zorkocy
hey girl! what\'s up? You still remember me? Oh kinda late but congratz on the graduation thing!
David Zorkocy
Oh not much just chillin\' out sorry I left our other convo hangin just kinda busy at times. you know how that is. Yea kind of a really random subject but what do you think of Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez?
jane Pooper
hey sup?
hi my name is jenny
a lot about meeeeeeeeeeeee lol check out my blogs
hi my name is jenny
hey and yes i did! lol nice to meet you too and the name is jenny
David Zorkocy
hey! nice to meet ya. You added me? Names David... and you?

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