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Alyssa Cross
me and my sister
Alyssa Cross
My sister and I
Alyssa Cross
My Sister!!
Alyssa Cross
Steph and Aaron!!
Alyssa Cross
Manny and Roxanne!!
Alyssa Cross
Selena Miley and Demi!!!!!
Alyssa Cross
My grand parents and me!!!
Alyssa Cross
Jesus!! Sayings!!!
Alyssa Cross
Alyssa Cross
i don\'t like demi anymore my new fave actress is emily osment she rules
Lydia Why do you need to know
That pic is SO Demi!!! Please add me to u your buddy list!!!
Alyssa Cross
I didn\'t mean the f and I knew that she lives in Texas she lives in Dallas Texas
Alyssa Cross
Thanks!!!!If you love Demi Lovato so much why is Kevin Jonas your main picture?? Well you probley like him to!!
Melissa Oh, you wish u knew....
Actually, Demi Lovato lives in Texas just to clear that up. =]
Melissa Oh, you wish u knew....
i used to have the biggest celeb crush on him

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