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kyle cleary
me in china on the great wall
kyle cleary
kyle cleary
yeah and thats just one reasson that myspace a fb r better .lol
kyle cleary
haha no im sorry hun but there is nothing.lol...i no what u mean cuz i hate it to.lol
lyndzie Litteral
heyy no..
Andrea Aldrich
yeahh exactlyy hha and uhhh is it mee or is my picturee huggee?? ! ughh i hate mypraise lol
Andrea Aldrich
ohhh okayy ahah i thought soo, ill put one up now, or atleast try to cuz i was doin it and none of them workedd ! /:
kyle cleary
hahah nope i was going to tell u but i wasnt sure if u knew that or not
Andrea Aldrich
do i have a pic up that you can see?? cuz i totally cant see a pictureee haha
Andrea Aldrich
yayy you figured it outt ! (:
kyle cleary
hahah um idk cuz i dont no how to do anything on here but ill change that or try to.lol
Andrea Aldrich
hmm, soo why am i number five?? LOL
kyle cleary
hahah i have no ideal other then because i was like super bored.lol
Kyle Smoyer
heyy kyle wuts upp!! so y\'d u make one of these?

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