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Elizabeth January
Elizabeth January
hey you! thats awesome! well not much i\'m still interning at my church until may. and school, which is going great! God is good. when did you get engaged? well i am glad to see you are happy and God is blessing you so much! :D
Elizabeth January
WOW you\'re getting married???!?!?!?!?! THATS AWESOME! :D
allwaysmiling 2006
Hey girlie! whats new in your life? Yep I am engaged... we are hoping for 7-7-07
Charis Ditto
Hey dear... i will try and phone you in the next couple of days.. i have a long nite tonite. I have a pm dr appointment very strange. ugh. Anyway... I\'m sure by Oct i will be moving... to where is another question.. not sure.. let me know what you are thinking. Love you!
Elizabeth January
hey you! how are you? taken huh? by who?!??! oh my goodness do i have tons to tell you. i hope you got my message (phone)from the other day. anyways...are you still looking to move in Oct.? well love you bunches and miss you darlin! love bethy
Elizabeth January
very cute hair cut sweetie!
Charis Ditto
Things are goin okay.. just working hard... loving the one i do.. and doing the things i need to .. to move forward in my life.. what about you.. how are you?? i miss you..call me sometimes, stranger! :D
Elizabeth January
hey darlin\'. how is your life? what new and exciting happening have you been up to? love you dearly. -Bethyboo
Elizabeth January
hey there! how are you! i love you background! whats new! Yay its almost Jesus\' Birthday!
allwaysmiling 2006
Hey preety princess! just wanted to say hi!
Elizabeth January
Thank you! I hope your holiday was blessed and fun. God be with!
Igor Nesterenko
Happy Thanksgiving! God\'s blessings to you and to your family!!!
Elizabeth January
My My My, you sound super busy! Me too! Work, church ( working as a jr high leader), and family and friends lol have kept me busy as a bumble bee. Lord willing, i'n so excited, i may in Jan. be starting as an intern at my church. i'll know by the end of the week. I'll be starting school for sure next semester! its going to be crazy, but i can't wait. I am also excited cause i'm getting my licens in a few weeks lol yay! well it sounds like you are fantastice! talk to you soon > Beth
allwaysmiling 2006
HEY GIRL! Wow long time no talk! how are you??? ha ha wow its been a while! School, Work, homework, and a boyfriend have kept me so busy! I'm looking at scheduling for next semsester and it looks like life will be even crazier! How's life up there? Things going okay! Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear from you! :D Chell

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