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courtney black
Akiah Smith
hey wat up
Nick J.
heys its nick
courtney black
i have noticed that katie looks gorgeous every ounce of her life!! :]]] yepp thats right!
Gus Vega
Guess whos sister i met today at buffalo wild wings?
katie klawsen
I notaiced today on the hike.... That you are like gorgiouse(not that i though you were like ugly) but you really are a VERY pretty little lady :D
courtney black
heyy wats new?
camie daniels
hey court. hows it goin?
Gus Vega
Yeah, ummm i keep hear this rumor that you say your browner then me and well i don't think thats true at all. In fact i think you making u stories.
MyPraize Band
Thanks for the add. Be sure to check out our blogs and to sign up for our labels forum. www.ragingstormrecords.com/community it's free. Hope to see ya there!
courtney black
dont make me laugh! hahahahahahahahaha! oh wait i just did! haha :D
courtney black
now its my goal be more tan than u! :D
Gus Vega
Hey don't you get used to being browner then me. trust me if i was to spend two minutes in the sun i would be black.
courtney black
heyy thanx!! hope ur life is too!! :]]]]
amber dixon
hello gorgeous how have you been hope your life is full of love and friendship amber 8) :D

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