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Amanda Kneeland
Candi j
Heyy!! :D :D :D
Jesse Biron
I live in Maryland!! If you read my all about me blog, you can find out more about me!! I hope people will see your wall, I'll only say it one more time I WANT BUDDIES!!! I WILL ACCEPT almost ANYONE!!! Thanx!!! Talk to you later!! Jesse 8)
Amanda Kneeland
yea i will sure tell everybody about you. i bet anybody that goes on my profile will see wat u wrote. so where you from?
Amanda Kneeland
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Amanda Kneeland
sorry the last thing wouldnt work....but thanks for adding me
Amanda Kneeland
pillar is awesome!
Jesse Biron
I would love to become your buddie, but will you tell all your friends about me? I WANT BUDDIES!!!! Thanx!! Jesse 8)
mathew woodman
Pillar is one of my favorit bands (you can't bring me down).
Amanda Kneeland
waz up?
Amanda Kneeland
yay im writing on my own wall lol. im bored man! lol somebody send me a message or something

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