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kayla holden
kaylee! have i ever told you that..... [b]i.love.you?[/b] :)
Erin Worley
i love you too kaylee!
kaylee ragan
i love you erin!(:
kaylee ragan
haha i know(: and his head like points up! lol
ashley fosegan
[b]he walks funny because his muscles are so big:] [haha]
kaylee ragan
hahaha,wow!yeah he has a weird shaped head,and he walks werid(:
ashley fosegan
[b]oh...well he\'s just a big \'teddy bear\'
kaylee ragan
i don\'t have mrs.sands lol.i have MR.sands(:
ashley fosegan
[b]you\'ll like mrs sands. i love her!
kaylee ragan
um well, i got mr.sands and he\'s pretty cool.but i have mr.powell and he\'s just weird.haha
kayla holden
hey kaylee
Erin Worley
kaylee i hate you.
Erin Worley
haha you know im kidding :) but look at my video!
Erin Worley
haha yeah i know that one and the ethan laughin aannd the \"but if he comes in here hes gonna kick my ask\" lolz you stole my video!!!
Erin Worley
haha yeah i know and we coulda laughed a lot more but my stupid phone diedddd

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