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Rhemalyn Magay
Letting go of what does not work and taking on what does.
Rhemalyn Magay
That feeling when you like someone and you are good friends. T'was a good feeling :) Praying for that someone to be my partner in the future. #MyGod'sBest
Rhemalyn Magay
If you want something then pray for it. :)
Rhemalyn Magay
Today is a new day and it will be a good day. :) God bless everyone!
Rhemalyn Magay
Someone told me "It's alright that's not something that you can control. You have to focus on the positive." I was lonely and feeling down that night. I'm so thankful that I have that one friend that gave me a positive thought.
Rhemalyn Magay
Today was a good day. Thank you, Lord! :)
Rhemalyn Magay
BE POSITIVE :))))))) Don't let negative thoughts ruin your day. :)
Rhemalyn Magay
Hi Monday! Today is a new day. Start your day with a smile. Be positive. Do your best. God bless!
Rhemalyn Magay
When life brings you down and when you feel like giving up.....remember that He knows what is best for us. Never give up and trust Him. Always. :)
Rhemalyn Magay
Yesterday and today was not a good day. It's a bad day for me. I feel so down and sad. But I know God has a purpose and great plan why I'm experiencing this kind of situation.
Rhemalyn Magay
Ephesians 4:32 King James Version (KJV) And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.
Rhemalyn Magay
Rhemalyn Magay
Focus on good things that will happen and don't be discourage in bad things that you're experiencing right now.
Rhemalyn Magay
Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that not everyday is a good day. Not everyday will be a good day for you. Life is full of surprises. Just go with the flow and always think positive! Trust God because He knows what is best for you.
Rhemalyn Magay

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