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MyPraize Band
me and my cuz dale playin on the big stage
MyPraize Band
do you want to race?
MyPraize Band
this was my start
MyPraize Band
me and the master RAY CUMMINS
MyPraize Band
far out man
MyPraize Band
tabby vulgamore
Hi Joe how are u doing? :D
tabby vulgamore
Hey Joe! how are u? I miss u like crazy! um i missed place ur phone # think that u can send it to me or when u see my mom give it to her??? loads of love tabby
tabby vulgamore
Oh yeah one more thing Pumpernickel! lol
tabby vulgamore
i don\'t have a door stop any more :cry: oh well i can always go to my moms and play with one.... :shock: i just realized that i have no life.... um.. thanks for being great joe and just bein there when i need u. ur an amazing guy. don\'t ever change. :wink:
joe kilgore
thanks dill
MyPraize Band
ben winterfest. ben winterfest ben winterfest. i cant stand it anymore
MyPraize Band
my name is jason but everybody calls me sergeant, or hoppy, or hock, or red. ha just pickin on ya hock. so how are you doing? ttyl God bless joe
Jason Hockenberry
my name is joey and everyone calls me curly sue. whats up?
MyPraize Band
hey i will be your friend. so you live in TN. it looks like a dorm room in the pic. so what school do you go to?

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