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Zach Uhh...Smith!
Zach Uhh...Smith!
jocy marie mcgraw
i love your picture its hillarious!!lol...when i first saw it a minute ago it made me crack up in tears...lol its funny.
Kelleigh Brock
It\'s going pretty good. Oh, how silly of me. GANGSTA GOLLUM. XD
Zach Uhh...Smith!
Hey, how\'s it goin? :D And that\'s [i]gangsta[/i] :wink: :P
Kelleigh Brock
Gangster Gollum!
Zach Uhh...Smith!
What about the weather did you dislike? Welp...a lot of stuff. Car accident, went to a concert, my dad got cancer, I wasn\'t able to get a job, I think I figured out what I want to do with my life, and I went to MI\'s Adventure again. What about you(\'sides moving, that is ;))?
Naomi Johnson
aw, car accident.. I hope everythin\'z okay.. even tho I\'m supa late. really? AWESUM! what concert? aw, I\'m so sorry. I hope he\'z doin beta. y caint chu geta job? What is it you decided ta be fa life? did you have fun at MI\'s Adventure? I dnt like how the weather was random. alot has happened
Naomi Johnson
lol! yeah pretty much n I liked tn... the people, not the weather lol n otha stuff. but yeah, it\'z great ta be back in the online world lol. It\'z been 4eva so there has ta be somethin new goin on wit you. so what\'s been gon on? =)
Zach Uhh...Smith!
Oh, so you finally moved back? Didn\'t like TN? ;) Wow, you JUST got your internet back up? You musta been pretty busy... Welcome back to the online world! :D
Naomi Johnson
that\'s great. same wit me. it\'z a lil hard tho, I mean, tryina balance skool, relationships, n family n still try ta have time for myself but I caint complain. I moved ta cali in aug. and we jis got our internet back up. it\'z great ta be back online lol
Zach Uhh...Smith!
Pretty good :) What\'s new? Where ya been?
Naomi Johnson
hey!!!!!!!! it\'s goin great! how\'s it goin 4 u? I miss everyone!!!!
Zach Uhh...Smith!
Heyy! How\'s it goin?
Zach Uhh...Smith!
Interesting bg... What is it? :P

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