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harrison hallmark
harrison hallmark
harrison hallmark
Emily Butler
o my lanta i havent liked talked to u in 4 eva! hahaha so much has gone on i need my fone back so i can tell u
Emily Butler
hey wats up i hope u have a great christmas! love ya alwayz lol in the most normal way lol
Bhreanna Jones
i have it back now
Emily Butler
ok ill try but i make no promises for like the rest of the year!..... :]
harrison hallmark
hey lol and my number is 303 907 4015 text me whenever
harrison hallmark
when do u get ur textin back?
Emily Butler
hey watcha been up to i kinda lost your number..... sorry i had a really gay fone lol! so text me some time please
Bhreanna Jones
im doin good hbu? i cant txt u lol im grounded but i will when i get my txting back
harrison hallmark
hey sorry i havent been on in a while. how have u been? and text me if u want
harrison hallmark
hey whats up.sorry i havent been on in a while. how u doin? text me if u want k
Bhreanna Jones
Bhreanna Jones
hey its bhre (tempy) i got a new thingie

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