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Josh Thomas
im mad at u 4 breaking up with kg but anyway there really is no point in using this anymore since everybody\'s got a facebook
Brittany Denham
josh i missss youuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
julia Martirano
hey this is julia m.
Josh Thomas
hey ur first on mine but u put me at 7 what the heck lol!?!?!
Jenna Simane
hey this is Jenna Simane. from school.
Josh Thomas
the thing is u usually say someting and then i respond or im talking 2 austin i dont pay attention
Josh Thomas
ya uh... im pretty sure u said \"josh ...\" and u were looking at me so dont u even say that u were talking 2 jordan or sara cuz u wouldnt say josh if u were talking 2 1 of them and y would u wanna talk 2 either of them anyway?
Josh Thomas
welcome jennay and i want u 2 no i luv my seat
Josh Thomas
ur such a blond
Josh Thomas
i saw u at uno\'s and u ruined my time!!! yay 4 jenny!!!
Josh Thomas
just u being there was lame
Josh Thomas
haha i can see how u like that vid
Brittany Denham
haha nice to kno u would put me as number two lol haha
salena gomez
haha brittany i am third and you are not
Josh Thomas
manda thats cuz if i hav her #2 steven mite do something 2 me!?!?! shiver!

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