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judy garza
me n' 2 bros
judy garza
me in kool dress
judy garza
my pretty white dress
judy garza
1st time on plane
judy garza
me and andrew
judy garza
Sarah Messarge
lol of course I know how to spell the word! and ohh searching it up on youtube kinda help to...:PP lol
judy garza
WOW WOW WOW WOW ddduuudddeee you know how 2 spell that WORD
Sarah Messarge
yeah I don\'t blame you...I hope its not one of those places..and I hope you love it! :) like I hope its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!...ohh yess xDD lol
judy garza
ya i hope i like it also and if its one of those areas where in order to have friends you cant be a virgin then i am totally out of there i bet im gonna go lokking like this .........
Sarah Messarge
aww I\'m really sorry then if you love it so much..:( ..well I hope it works out for you and you\'ll like the new place it might not be the same but still I hope you like it...(:
judy garza
ya but i love bishop better than any other place in the world
Sarah Messarge
haha thanks so much about the pic! :D ohh and I\', really sorry about the moving...I bet it would stink well maybe the new place is better then the old one...I don\'t know...I hope you like it..:) I moved like a year ago to a new state and I like it well yeah its good..I guess {:
judy garza
yup its sucks but whp cares i dont i can see you chaned your photo its so freaken awesome and also im good just a little sad because i have to move and i dont want to i hate it i just havent just stayed put at one school and i hate meeting new plp only when i want to then i like it
Sarah Messarge
lol really?! squirrels seems so harmless...and cute but yeah...haha I\'m glad you fixed it...I would be probably pretty bored without the internet...:{ lol so whats up?? :)

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